Frost* Numbers

Whats the number?

Steven Wilson, 


Roland TD50 live launch 2016

The Empty Space

Unfair Ground

Red Wine

Steven Wilson - Home Invasion

It's in its early stages, but I plan to share lessons from my travels that will help you on your drumming journey. Below are a few videos taken from my YouTube channel. Please subscribe to the channel to get lessons, playalongs and challenges. Click the button below to take you there.

Odd Time Mash Up

DnB Performance

The Roland TD30

The Roland SPD30 Octapad

The House is Alive

The count challenge

Frost* Hyperventilate

working the weakside 1

working the weakside 2


Southampton Clinic - Steven Wilson - Home invasion Regret 9

Mapex Saturn V

Steven Wilson - Vermillioncore

The Car...

The house is alive 2

Its only a game..

The kitchen...


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