​​Dr oKtopUs is Craig's other side project and passion, his writing. The project was born while Craig was working with and shadowing Junglist legend, Congo Natty (Rebel MC) in his workplace in the late 2000's. Craig was part of a team in Brixton in a studio that housed Alabama3, with various top London Mc's in "Jungle" including Top Cat the late great Tenor Fly and Congo Natty. Craig watched them churn out tune after tune and decided to get a set up an have a go

Craig's obsession for rhythm and layering electronic textures, coupled with a dark and frenetic overactive mind musically and an ear for simple catchy hooks brought forth Craig’s new and powerful musical project Dr oKtopUs.

Fueled by his passion for all things musical, the need to always better himself and the impressive array of artists he had worked with over the years, Craig’s first steps into writing began with the challenge of remixing a few tracks at the start of the 2009. Gradually he started to add his own elements into the pieces and very quickly the creative process was becoming infectious. Fast forward a year or so later and Craig was getting asked to write for TV adverts, theme tunes and Radio but it was in his own influences where he wanted to take his writing.

Thriving on a passion for high energy, fast paced, aggressive, old skool drum and bass and a fusion of his diverse musical influences from Maiden to Slayer and The Prodigy to Ronnie Size the project started to create its own unique voice that has turned a lot of heads in this genre. Coupled with some very interesting collaborations, production and the need to always deliver a shock factor and you get a very dark project…..

The 2nd album has been an ongoing project for a few years and Craig continues to share snippets from it on his social media. Its more daring, more "out there" and more musically diverse. There are over 30 tracks sketched, some complete, some far from it..There is no release date planned but the temptation to release a V2 is certainly getting greater

Have a listen to the album HERE and see for yourself why so many people bought the first album “oNe” and why they are desperately anticipating the launch of the second installment

Before you do….

Turn off the lights, lock the door and crank up your stereogram……Are you sitting comfortably? we shall now begin…….

Dr oKtopUs

​​Drummer | Educator | Writer | Programmer | Clinician